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Adventism, Eight Laws of Health

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Principles of Healthful Living

A number of studies have demonstrated that “Seventh-day Adventists are significantly healthier and live on average seven to ten years longer than does the general population” (Levterov 2015). Those studies aimed at investigating and measuring the connection “between lifestyle, diet, disease, and mortality of Seventh-day Adventists.” The results of the studies have received significant media coverage as they may point to lifestyle principles beneficial to the population at large (Wikipedia 2016; Buettner 2005).

In his extensive study of “blue zones,” places in the world “where higher percentages of the population live astoundingly long lives,” Dan Buettner formulates ten “secrets” or “tactics” drawn from his study of the Adventist “blue zone” at Loma Linda, California: (1) “Find a sanctuary in time” (keeping a 24-h Sabbath). (2) “Maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI).” (3) “Get regular, moderate exercise.” (4) “Spend time with like-minded friends.” (5)...


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