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| Editors: Igor S. Zonn, Andrey G. Kostianoy, Aleksandr V. Semenov

Bering, Vitus Ionassen (Bering, Ivan Ivanovich – After Christening) (1681–1741)

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Bering, Vitus Ionassen (Bering, Ivan Ivanovich – after christening) (1681–1741) – a prominent Russian sailor, officer in the Russian Navy, captain commander, in charge of the First and the Second Kamchatka expeditions, which laid the foundation to systematic research of polar seas, northeastern coast of Asia, Kamchatka, the Commander Islands and the Aleutian Islands, as well as northwestern America. He devoted all his life to the search of an answer to the question “whether or not Asia joins America” and was born in Horsens (Denmark). In 1703, he graduated from Sea Cadet Corps in Amsterdam and navigated twice to the East Indies on a Dutch ship. In 1704, as an experienced sailor, he was invited by K.I. Cruys, Peter the Great’s associate in Russian Navy creation, to serve as a second lieutenant in Russia. In 1705, he took part in the defense of the river Neva mouth from the Swedish Army in command of the schuyt #1. In 1706, he was promoted to lieutenant and in 1710 to...
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