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| Editors: Igor S. Zonn, Andrey G. Kostianoy, Aleksandr V. Semenov

Batakov, Anton Maksimovich (1752 to Before 1807)

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Batakov, Anton Maksimovich (1752 to before 1807) – a navigation officer, participant of the expedition of J. Billings and G.A. Sarychev, and an explorer of the Aleutian Islands and the Chukchi Peninsula. In 1771, he became a navigation officer apprentice and was transferred from Arkhangelsk to Kronstadt. A year later in the squadron of N.I. Senyavin, he moved over to Revel (old name of Tallinn). In the period from 1773 to 1775 on board the ship “Mironosets,” he cruised in the Mediterranean Sea and the archipelago and was promoted to assistant navigator. In 1776–1783 he navigated the Baltic, Northern, and Barents Seas on different ships. In the period from 1784 to 1785, he was describing the Dnieper, in 1785–1794 participated in the expedition under the command of J. Billings and G.A. Sarychev, in 1786 arrived in Okhotsk and further to Verkhnekolymsk, and in 1787 on board the “Pallas” under Billing’s command went down the Kolyma and via the East Siberian Sea reached Cape Bolshoy Baranov, but the ice forced the expedition to return after which it set out to Okhotsk. In 1789 on his way to Petropavlovsk on board, the ship “Slava Rossii” participated in discovering Jony Island. In 1790, he navigated from Kamchatka to Kayak Island and took part in discoveries and description of separate Aleutian Islands and studies of the northern coast of the Gulf of Alaska. In 1791 while doing a marine survey, he navigated from Petropavlovsk to Unalaska Island and further to St. Mathew Island and St. Lawrence Island after which entered the Bering Strait. In the autumn of the same year together with Billings, he left the ship in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and in winter 1791–1792 researched the Chukchi Peninsula up to Chaun Bay on reindeers. In 1794 he returned to St. Petersburg. From 1795 to 1797, he served at the Draft Admiralty Board and then navigated the Baltic and Northern Seas on various ships.

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