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Vollosovich, Konstantin Adamovich (1869–1919)

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Vollosovich, Konstantin Adamovich (1869–1919) – an exiled Belorussian geologist, to East Siberia, and Arctic explorer. In 1900s, he was exiled to East Siberia for political activities and was accepted into the members of the Russian Polar Expedition of E. Toll (1900–1902) as a geologist. He described some of the New Siberian Islands leading a separate expedition group. In 1901, he was preparing on the islands some safeguard provision warehouses for the expedition. In 1903, he participated in the expedition of A. V. Kolchak, which aimed at searching for E. V. Toll and his companions who had gone missing. In 1908, following the order of the Academy of Sciences in exploring the central part of Yana-Indigirka Lowland, found and transported for studies are the remains of a mammoth from the Sanga-Yuryakh River (lower reaches of the Yana by Cape Svyatoy Nos). In 1909, he commanded the Lena-Kolyma Expedition which helped to map a part of the coast between the Lena Delta and the mouth of the Alazeya (almost 1,400 km long). On Bolshoy Lyakhovsky, V. excavated and arranged the transportation of well-preserved remains of a mammoth body. He died in times of the Civil War in Russia in a train accident.

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