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Vilkitsky, Andrey Ippolitovich (1858–1913)

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Vilkitsky, Andrey Ippolitovich (1858–1913) – a Russian Arctic explorer, hydrographer and geodesist, and lieutenant general. He graduated from the Marine Academy in St. Petersburg in 1880. In 1881–1886, he did some hydrographical work in the Baltic and the White Seas. In 1887, he led the first expedition in the Russian Arctic Sector which aimed at determining the gravity acceleration in Novaya Zemlya. The results brought V. 2 gold medals of the Russian Geographical Society. In 1894–1901 V. led a number of expeditions, the members of which studied the hydrographical peculiarities of the coast from the mouth of the Pechora to the Yenisei, as well as in the Yenisei Gulf and the Gulf of Ob. The expedition specified the shoreline condition, location of pack ice, and the size of fast ice belt; mapped hundreds of landmarks, shoals, cliffs, and sand ridges; and distributed dozens of navigation signs. The results of these works were published in the work “Materials on studies of the Gulf of Ob and the Yenisei Gulf, collected in 1894–1901.” V. was the author of many scientific works in geodesy and hydrography, meteorology, and oceanography. Starting from 1907 and up to the end of his life, V. was the head of the Main Hydrographical Board.

V. gave his name to the islands in the Nordenskiöld Archipelago in the Kara Sea; an island in the New Siberian Islands, the East Siberian Sea; and an island to the north of the Yavay Peninsula, the Kara Sea, and a bay and a cape in Novaya Zemlya Island, the Barents Sea.

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