The Eastern Arctic Seas Encyclopedia

2016 Edition
| Editors: Igor S. Zonn, Andrey G. Kostianoy, Aleksandr V. Semenov


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Valkumey – the former (since 1959) urban-type settlement, Chukotka Autonomous District, Russia. It is founded in 1941 with an aim to develop the tin mine named Valkumey. At present the production is partially deactivated, partially suspended. The settlement was liquidated in 2008. The route Pevek-Valkumey is 13 km long to the south – southeast of the town of Pevek. Winter road is Zapadnyi-Valkumey. The closest airport is “Pevek.” A symbolic monument at the entrance to the settlement is “a trolley” in the form of an air-driven mine car loader with a trolley.

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