The Eastern Arctic Seas Encyclopedia

2016 Edition
| Editors: Igor S. Zonn, Andrey G. Kostianoy, Aleksandr V. Semenov


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TINRO-Centre – was established in 1925 as the Pacific Scientific and Commercial Station (TONS); since 1934 it has been called the Pacific Research Institute for Fishery and Oceanography (TINRO); it became the Center in 1994. T.-C. has branches in Khabarovsk, Magadan, and Anadyr and a base of research fleet in Vladivostok; coordinates research activity of Kamchatka and Sakhalin Fishery Research Institutes. T.-C.’s scope of activities is as follows: research works in the Pacific Ocean Basin, seas, and freshwater bodies in the Far East, to ensure resource basis for the country’s fishery; controlling fishery grounds’ resources, ecological stability in the fishery areas; studying of basics of biological productivity of the Far East seas and Pacific open water from the point of view of oceanology; creation of biotechnics and methodology of breeding fish, invertebrates, and seaweeds; study of anthropogenic influence over bioresources and productivity of water bodies; development of up-to-date means and methods of fishery; and study of chemical composition, food, and technical value of fishery objects. To reach its objectives, T.-C. has a fleet of 16 vessels equipped with modern navigation, search and scientific equipment, biostations, and an experimental facility. T.-C. includes an oceanarium and dolphinarium, in laboratory and demonstration aquariums and sea enclosures of which the behavior of sea mammals and fish in captivity is studied and the mode of their treatment is developed.

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