The Eastern Arctic Seas Encyclopedia

2016 Edition
| Editors: Igor S. Zonn, Andrey G. Kostianoy, Aleksandr V. Semenov

Sverdrup, Otto Neumann (1854–1930)

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Sverdrup, Otto Neumann (1854–1930) – was a Norwegian polar explorer and navigator. In 1888 together with Fridtjof Nansen was the first to cross South Greenland on ski. In 1893–1896 S. was the captain of Nansen’s ship “Fram” at the time of its leeway through the waters of the Arctic region. After Nansen left “Fram” to reach the North Pole by foot, S. replaced him as the head of the expedition and navigated the ship to Norway. In 1898–1902 S. directed explorations on “Fram” in the northwestern part of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago; mapped all the western shore of the Ellesmere Island; discovered several islands from the group of islands, which were later named the Sverdrup Islands; and explored almost all the straits between them. In 1914–1915 headed the expedition of the Main Hydrographic Authority of Russia on the steamboat “Eclipse” organized to find the expedition of V. Rusanov, G. Sedov, and G. Brusilov and wintered on the steamboat near the northwestern coast of Taymyr, where he found a wintering ground of B. Vilkitsky’s hydrographic expedition in the Arctic Ocean. He reached the ground on sledge with some of his crewmembers and saved people in distress sending them to the Yenisei’s mouth through tundra. In autumn 1915 he was the first to visit the Uyedineniya Island in the Kara Sea and hoist a Russian flag there. In 1920, being at the command of the Soviet icebreaker “Svyatogor,” rescued from ice captivity in the Kara Sea the icebreaker “Solovey Budimirovich.”

Islands in the Kara Sea and in the Lincoln Sea and straits between the islands Axel Heiberg and Misk and in the Nordenskiold Archipelago, the Kara Sea, a rock in Maud Bay, Taymyr Peninsula, the Laptev Sea, and a mountain on the south shore of the Vilkitsky Strait are named after S.

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