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Shcherbinin, Mikhail Yakovlevich (Approx. 1705–1742)

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Shcherbinin, Mikhail Yakovlevich (approx. 1705–1742) – Russian midshipman (warrant officer), a participant of the Great Northern (Second Kamchatka) expedition, and an explorer of the Laptev and North Siberian Seas. In 1719 he was admitted in the marine academy and 7 years later he was “assigned to the fleet” as a navigator’s apprentice. He served on a number of ships of the Baltic Fleet. In 1733 he was granted the rank of navigator’s mate “according to examination results” and he was assigned to the Great Northern expedition, following his own request. Since 1735 he served in the detachment of D. Y. Laptev, engaging in the expedition’s cargo transportation on boats along the branches of the Lena basin to the Yudomskoy Krest Hole. In the summer of 1736, he organized the rescue of the survived members of “Irkutsk’s” crew (the detachment of P. Lasinius). In 1738 he was granted the position of navigator. In 1739–1741 (with two winter breaks), he participated in the survey of the Arctic Ocean from the Lena Delta to Cape Bolshoy Baranov; he also described the middle and eastern branches of the Indigirka Delta, mapped the banks of the Yana, and explored the routes from the Bolshoy and Anuy River to Anadyr. He was granted the rank of warrant officer, and in the beginning of September, he carried the map with the results of the survey of his team from Nizhnekolymsk to St. Petersburg (under the order of D. Y. Laptev). He fell ill on the way and died in Irkutsk.

A cape on the Taymyr Peninsula was named in his honor.

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