The Eastern Arctic Seas Encyclopedia

2016 Edition
| Editors: Igor S. Zonn, Andrey G. Kostianoy, Aleksandr V. Semenov

Serykh Gusey Islands (“Grey Geese Islands”)

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Serykh Gusey Islands (“Grey Geese Islands”) – an island group in the Chukchi Sea, located west of the entrance to Kolyuchinskaya Bay, Chukotka Autonomous Area, Russia. The islands are aligned from north to south, being on average 5 km from the coast of the Chukotka Peninsula. They are in the area of Belyaka Spit, which encloses Kolyuchinskaya Bay, isolating it from the rest of the Chukchi Sea. S. G. I. are located 26 km to the south of the Kolyuchin Island forming a 33-km-long chain along the west side of the entrance to the Kolyuchinskaya Bay, isolating Kunergvin Lagoon from the sea. The islands are low, pebbly, and sandy and largely flooded at the time of upsurge. Passages between the islands are shallow and dangerous for boating. The largest three of them are called Severny, Maly, and Yuzhny. Yuzhny Island is the largest in the group, being about 12 km in length. The island is marked by sandy flats, beaches, and crowberry tundra. Shingle beaches give way to flat, turfy surfaces. The island is dotted with small brackish pools.

The sea around the archipelago is frozen for about 9 or 10 months on a yearly average, so the islands are merged with the mainland most of the year.

The islands are important for seabirds covering long distances. The average stay of birds lasts 26 days.

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