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Pronchishcheva (nee Kondyreva), Tatiana Fedorovna (About 1710–1736)

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Pronchishcheva (nee Kondyreva), Tatiana Fedorovna (about 1710–1736) – the world’s first Russian polar female traveler, the wife of V. V. Pronchishchev, and the only female member of the Great Northern Expedition on the dubel-boat “Yakutsk,” commanded by Lieutenant V. V. Pronchishchev. She was educated at home. In 1733, P. moved with her husband to Siberia as part of the Great Northern (Second Kamchatka) Expedition and, in 1735, participated in a voyage from Yakutsk down the Lena to the Arctic Ocean, sharing with the men all the hardships of the campaign and the Arctic polar winter. She died in September 1736 thirteen days after the death of her husband. For two and a half centuries, it was mistakenly believed that P. name was Maria. This name is also written on the cross on her grave. Only in 1983, it became possible to establish her real name. The couple was buried in the estuary of the Olenyok at Cape Tumul. Local residents have still been calling the burial place of T. and V. Pronchishchev as “The Land of Love Probation.” There is a monument to the Pronchishchevs in Yakutsk.

A bay in the Laptev Sea in the northeast coast of the Taymyr Peninsula is named in honor of T. Pronchishcheva.

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