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| Editors: Igor S. Zonn, Andrey G. Kostianoy, Aleksandr V. Semenov

Pavlutsky, Dmitry Ivanovich (?–1747)

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Pavlutsky, Dmitry Ivanovich (?–1747) – a Russian explorer of Chukotka and officer of the Tobolsk Dragoon Regiment. In 1727, he was promoted to Captain, since 1730 a Major. Approximately in 1728, he together with A. F. Shestakov led an expedition to the Chukchi Peninsula. Then, he independently went to the Anadyr fortress and fit out M. S. Gvozdev for a marine expedition, which ended by the discovery of Alaska. In 1731, he undertook an expedition to Chukotka and led military campaigns in the Chukotka Peninsula and geographical survey of this area (he headed the military detachment of the expedition of A. I. Shestakov of 1732 and 1744). In 1739–1742 he was the governor of Yakutsk. In 1744, he headed the second Chukchi expedition during which the coast of the Chukchi Peninsula, the coast of the Chukchi, and the East Siberian Seas were surveyed; Mechigmenskiy and Kolyuchinskaya Bays, several small lagoons and Chaunskaya Bay with Ayon Island, as well as many rivers of the Pacific and the Arctic Ocean were mapped for the first time. In 1747, by decree of the senate, he personally left for Chukotka. P. was killed in the battle with the Chukchi in March 1747.

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