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“Maud” – a wooden motor sailing three-masted schooner. It was built in 1917 at the shipyard of Malden, Norway. It was built specifically for the expedition of R. Amundsen and designed as Pomeranian ships with rounded boards. The length is 29.8 m. The width is 15.5 m. The draft is approximately 5 m. The displacement is 800 tons. The engine power is 240 hp. The speed is over 8 knots. “Maud” had a supply of food for 5 years. In 1918–1920, R. Amundsen and H.W. Sverdrup (“Maud” captain) sailed on “Maud” through the Northern Sea Route with two wintering (the first was at Cape Chelyuskin, Kara Sea; the second was on Ayon Island) in the East Siberian Sea. The expedition then made a short stop in Nome, Alaska, came to the Chukchi Sea, where the ship lost the propeller, and camped for the winter. In 1921, “Maud” arrived in Seattle, Alaska, for repair. In 1922, “Maud” for the second time sailed north in an attempt to reach the North Pole. It has entered into the ice of the Kara Sea, first under the command of R. Amundsen, and then, after he left the ship and returned to Alaska, under the command of O. Visting. Being frozen in ice, the ship began to drift along the northern edge of the East Siberian Sea, and in 1924, she turned to the north of the New Siberian Islands. In 1925, the “Maud” came back to Nome. Soon, the ship was sold and an inexperienced captain put her stranded near the Baffin Island, and the ship was dismantled.

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