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Matyushkin, Fyodor Fyodorovich (1799–1872)

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Matyushkin, Fyodor Fyodorovich (1799–1872) – Russian navigator, explorer of eastern Arctic, and admiral (1867). He graduated in 1817 from the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum. In 1817–1819, on the sloop “Kamchatka,” Matyushkin participated in the world expedition of V.M. Golovnin sailing to Kamchatka and Alaska. He participated in the survey of the remote Aleutian Islands, Chinok Gulf (Kodiak Island), and Sitka. In 1820–1825, during the land Kolyma expedition of F. Wrangel, he traveled on ice to Medvezhiy Islands, described the Chetyrekhstolbovyi Island, and explored the basins of the Bolshaya and Malaya Anna rivers. In 1825–1827, he took part in the second world expedition on the sloop “Korotkiy” of Lieutenant-Commander F.P. von Wrangel with stops at Kamchatka and Russian America. He was the first in the Russian Navy who began daily measurements of seawater temperatures and their registration. In 1830–1852, he commanded warship in the Mediterranean and Black and Baltic Seas and served in the Navy Department. In 1852, Matyushkin was the vice-director of the inspectorate and member of the Committee on Drafting New Navy Regulations. In 1858, Matyushkin became chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Sea.

A mountain on Wrangel Island and cape in Chaun Bay (Chukotka) are named after Matyushkin.

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