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“Jeannette” (USS “Jeannette”)

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“Jeannette” (USS “Jeannette”) – (former “Pandora”) – is a three-master sail and motor schooner. It was specially equipped for the crew of De Long in the docks of San Francisco. It was ironed from the outside and supplied by extra steam engines. In 1879 it set out in search of the expedition of N. A. E. Nordenskiold (on the “Vega”), which started its journey in 1878 through the Northeast Passage. Water displacement is 420 t and the power of steam engine 147 kWt. The crew comprised 33 people. “J.” got trapped in ice to the northeast of Herald Island after which its 22-month-long ice drift started. On June 12, 1881, “J.” was crushed by ice masses and disappeared forever. Three years after its loss, the Eskimos found 50 small objects on a small block of ice by the shores of South Greenland. Among them was a description of food supplies and a list of ship’s boats signed by De Long himself as well as waterproof trousers with a marking of one of the ship’s sailors.

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