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Anabar Bay

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Anabar Bay – situated in the western part of the Laptev Sea between the mainland shore and the Nordwick Peninsula. It is 67 km long, 76 km wide, and 3–12 m deep. In the south it merges into Anabarskaya Guba into which the Anabar River flows. On the right shore of Anabar Bay there is Khorgo Mys (Cape Khorgo) adjoined by a sand spit which protrudes into the waters of the bay for 2 km. On the right shore, there is a low seashore terrace 4–5 m high. Its surface is waterlogged. The bay is covered by ice most part of the year. It is called after the river Anabar. The research work at Anabar Bay was initiated in 1735–1740 by the Lensko-Khatangskiy group of the Great Northern Expedition under the command of lieutenant Kh.P. Laptev. A more detailed research was done in 1913–1914 by the participants of the Arctic Ocean Hydrographic Expedition of 1913–1915 on icebreakers “Vaygach” and “Taymyr” under the command of the frigate captain B. A. Vilkitsky.

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