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Cape Dezhnev

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Cape Dezhnev (former East Cape, Cape Bolshoy Kamennyi Nos (Big Stone Nose)) – located on the Chukotka Peninsula in the Bering Strait, north-easternmost point of Asia and the easternmost point of mainland Russia. It is an isolated flat-topped mountain range (up to 741 m high); composed of granite, quartz, and nepheline syenites; and steeply breaking into the sea. The cape is one of the most majestic natural formations of the Chukchi Sea. The town of Uelen is located on the Cape.

In 1879, Nils Nordenskiöld, the first explorer sailing via the Northeast Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and doubling this cape, suggested naming it after the Russian explorer S.I. Dezhnev, who first sailed around the cape with F.A. Alekseev (Popov) in 1648. This proposal was accepted in 1898. In his petitions, Dezhnev stated that he sailed around the Big Stone Nose. The authors of the late seventeenth to early eighteenth centuries, this cape is mentioned under the name of Chukotka Nose, or Non-passable Nose. In 1778, the English navigator James Cook charted the cape on the map as East Cape.

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