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A Global Dataset for Precipitation Looking Back at TRMM and Forward to GPM

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Encyclopedia of GIS

Historical Background

In 1985, scientists and engineers at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) began planning a new spaceborne observation mission, specifically for the purpose of enhancing the measurement of tropical precipitation (Simpson et al., 1988). The goal was to combine passive microwave measurements at much higher spatial resolutions than previously achieved with the three-dimensional information that the active remote sensing of radar can provide. The mission organizers hoped that over the course of three or more years of continuous data collection, this new dataset of tropical precipitation distribution and vertical structure would address key issues that the data scarcity in the tropical regions of the world made difficult addressing. These issues were: estimating the latent heat released through condensation and freezing within tropical convection and its contribution to the global energy budget; the temporal and spatial distribution of...

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