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Daily Routine in Cosmetic Dermatology

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Nutraceuticals in Dermatology

  • Flávia Alvim Sant’Anna AddorAffiliated withMEDCIN Skin Institute Email author 
  • , Flávia Naranjo RavelliAffiliated withUniversity of Santo Amaro (UNISA)Complexo Hospitalar ProMatre/Santa Joana


Dietary factors play an essential role in cutaneous homeostasis since they supply the nutrients necessary for good cellular functioning. Any shortage of these elements can lead to dysfunctions of the cutaneous structure, often hard to identify, since the clinical condition is oligosymptomatic. Nutraceuticals are associations of nutrients with benefits and synergistic effects. They act not only in response to any minor shortage of micronutrients but also in phenomena at the cellular level, associated with aging, dermatoses, and the cellular cycle.


Nutraceuticals Antioxidants Vitamins Aging Probiotics