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Handbook of Gynecology

pp 1-8

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Benign Vulvar and Vaginal Pathology

  • Daman SamraoAffiliated withUniversity of Southern CaliforniaLaboratory Medicine Consultants Email author 


Benign vulvar and vaginal pathology is common, consisting of a wide variety of lesions which include inflammatory conditions, pigmented lesions, neoplastic and nonneoplastic masses, and cysts. Women of all ages are affected. The majority of these lesions are clinically insignificant unless symptomatic or when they mimic malignancy. Rare lesions with premalignant potential are also present.


Lichen sclerosus Papillary hidradenoma Vulvar melanosis Atypical melanocytic nevi of genital type Fibroepithelial polyp Dysplastic nevi Bartholin’s gland cyst Mullerian cyst Epithelial inclusion cyst