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Primate Sexuality

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Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science


Primate sexual behavior; Sociosexual behavior in primates


Primate sexuality pertains to all the behaviors and set of strategies that both male and female primates adopt to achieve reproduction and/or pleasure. It is influenced by biological and ecological constraints, mating systems, and social dynamics.


Primate sexuality is an extremely diverse and complex topic, and notwithstanding many decades of research since the pioneering work of Carpenter in 1942, we still do not have a unified understanding of the complexity of sexual behavior and the factors that influence sexual behavior in our closest relatives (Dixson 1998).

Here the topic will be presented and illustrated with well-known examples, primarily addressing ecology and mating strategies but also the systematics of primate sexuality. The entry will first explore the sexuality of solitary prosimians, then pair bonding and polyandrous callitrichids, then the sexuality of uni-male and multi-male...

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