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Women and Competition, The Oxford Handbook of

  • Maryanne L. FisherEmail author
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An edited book that focusses on women and competition.


The Oxford Handbook of Women and Competition was published by Oxford University Press in 2017 and edited by Maryanne Fisher. It contains 39 chapters, plus an additional introduction and conclusion. The chapters span a range of topics representing the current state of knowledge regarding women and competition. These chapters are organized into ten sections. The majority of the chapters pertain to intrasexual competition among adult women, although some contributors include girls and adolescents, as well as examining men in addition to women. Most, but not all chapters rely on an evolutionary framework. The goal of the editor was to provide a definitive volume on the current state of this area, as well as concrete directions for future research.

Book Overview

In the Introduction, the editor states that the goal of this book is to provide a definitive overview of the field of women and competition, as well as...

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