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Blueprint for Therapy in Metaframeworks: Transcending the Models of Family Therapy

  • Nancy Burgoyne
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Blueprint for Therapy


The blueprint for therapy is a schema that differentiates the moment-to-moment events that take place in a psychotherapy encounter into a recursive sequence of four elements: hypothesizing, planning, conversing, and reading feedback. These elements define the essential decision-making and decision-evaluating process that unfolds in a therapeutic exchange and serves as an organizing tool for managing within and between session planning (Breunlin et al. 2011).

The blueprint for therapy was first introduced by Breunlin, Schwartz, and Mac Kune-Karrer in Metaframeworks: Transcending the Models of Family Therapy (1992). It was later woven into Integrative Problem Centered Metaframeworks (Russell et al. 2016; Breunlin et al. 2011; Pinsof et al. 2011). It has been most recently and fully elaborated in Integrative Systemic Therapy (Pinsof et al. 2017). Although the blueprint was developed within these approaches, the authors...

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