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Santisteban, Daniel

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Dr. Daniel Santisteban is a US nationally recognized family therapist and research scholar. He has dedicated his career to the study and teaching of new methods and approaches toward family therapy and is a pioneer in the development of culturally tailored family interventions that address Hispanic adolescent substance abuse and related behavioral problems. He is the developer of “culturally informed flexible family-based treatment for adolescents” (CIFFTA), an evidence-based practice. As a Cuban American psychologist, Dr. Santisteban has served as a role model for other Hispanic professionals and student alike. Dr. Santisteban has published well over 30 peer-reviewed journal articles and over a dozen chapters in the field of family and adolescent therapy.


Dr. Santisteban received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1991 from the University of Miami and did his clinical internship at Bellevue Hospital at NYU. His academic career spans over 25 years, having begun as...


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