Encyclopedia of Couple and Family Therapy

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| Editors: Jay Lebow, Anthony Chambers, Douglas C. Breunlin


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Name and Type of Measure

The PREPARE/ENRICH couple assessment is an online self-report measure of couple and family of origin relationships.


The PREPARE/ENRICH is a comprehensive assessment that is based on a systemic model that has several important components. First are the ten core scales that include the following: communication, conflict resolution, partner style and habits, financial management, sexuality, leisure activities, roles, and spiritual beliefs. Second is the SCOPE personality assessment of each person, which is based on the “Big Five” personality assessment. Third are the relationship dynamics of each person related to assertiveness, self-confidence, avoidance, and partner dominance. Fourth is the Couple and Family Map that assesses cohesion/closeness and flexibility in the couple’s relationship and in their family of origin. Lastly, the cultural context is taken into account based on the norms and expectations of different cultural groups (Fig. 1).


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