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Minuchin, Salvador

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Minuchin, Salvador


Salvador Minuchin (1921–2017) is the creator of structural family therapy. His work, writings, and teachings spanned across six decades and inspired generations of practitioners.


Trained as a physician in his native Argentina, Minuchin planned to specialize in pediatrics. In 1948, however, the Israel war of independence moved him to join the Israeli army as a physician.

After the war, Minuchin traveled to New York to learn child psychiatry, working with psychotic children in institutional settings. He married Patricia Pittluck, a developmental psychologist who would also become his collaborator, and they spent three more years in Israel, where Minuchin directed residential institutions for Holocaust orphans and émigrés from Asia and Africa.

Upon his return to the United States, Minuchin was attracted to Harry Stack Sullivan’s interpersonal psychiatry, and joined the William Alanson White Institute to train as a psychoanalyst. However, in...

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