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Satir, Virginia

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Satir, Virginia (1916–1988)


Virginia Satir, known as the “mother of family therapy,” was considered a leading force in the understanding of individual growth and development. With the Satir model, she provided the field with a powerful strength-based framework for examining the self, the situation, and choices. She was the pioneer of the first ever formal family therapy training program in 1962 at the Mental Health Research Institute and the developer of experiential family therapy.


Satir received her Bachelor of Art degree in education in 1936 from Milwaukee State Teachers College (now University of Wisconsin) and began her first job as a public-school teacher in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. One year into her new career as a teacher, Satir was promoted to school principal where she finished her tenure and moved on to become a traveling teacher in a number of different states. Satir ultimately attended the University of Chicago School of Social Services...

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