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Armour Stone


Armour stone is a general term used to refer to a range of natural (and sometimes artificial) stone applications used for wave protection of shorelines and erosion protection of streambanks from the eroding action of waves and flowing water as well as in retaining walls and slope buttressing related to construction.

Some applications use “armour stone” to refer to boulder-size blocks of durable natural rock material. Applications of armour stone commonly are in the form of revetments but can be of a variety of shapes and positions relative to the shorelines or channel banks, such as used for breakwaters (Fig. 1), groynes, and blankets (CCAA 2008). The armour stone can be blocks and fragments that range in sizes, usually to a specified gradation that are dumped into place or they can be uniform blocks that are carefully stacked (NRCS 2007). Armour stone applications are designed for minimal maintenance; consequently, the ...

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