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Encyclopedia of Engineering Geology

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Engineering Geomorphology

  • Jan KlimesAffiliated withInstitute of Rock Structure and Mechanics, Czech Academy of Sciences Email author 
  • , Jan BlahutAffiliated withInstitute of Rock Structure and Mechanics, Czech Academy of Sciences


Engineering geomorphology is the study of the Earth’s morphological features and their processes of formation with special attention to their engineering properties and behavior aiming to provide solutions to complex problems and needs of engineers, development planners, environmentalists, and decision makers. It combines knowledge and methodological approaches from geomorphology, engineering geology, and geotechnical engineering being considered as a branch of applied geomorphology.


The strong potential of this subdiscipline is determined by the combination of geomorphological site evaluation and description of dynamic processes with engineering characterization of deformation, strength, and hydrological properties of the involved materials. Thus it provides results suitable for the identification of engineering solutions. The geomorphological approaches include landfor ...

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