Sensitivity Analysis of Spatial and/or Temporal Phenomena

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This section presents several sensitivity analysis methods to deal with spatial and/or temporal models. Focusing on the variance-based approach, solutions are proposed to perform global sensitivity analysis with functional inputs and outputs. Some of these solutions are illustrated on two industrial case studies: an environmental model for flood risk assessment and an atmospheric dispersion model for radionuclide release. These test cases are fully described at the beginning of the paper. Then a section is dedicated to spatiotemporal inputs and proposes several sensitivity analysis methods. The use of metamodels is also addressed. Pros and cons of the various methods are then discussed. In a subsequent section, solutions to deal with spatiotemporal outputs are proposed: aggregated, site, and block indices are described. The use of functional metamodels for sensitivity analysis purpose is also discussed.


Spatiotemporal inputs Spatiotemporal outputs Metamodel Macro-parameter Joint metamodeling Dimension reduction Distance-based dissimilarity measure Trigger input Map labeling Aggregated indices Site indices Block indices Change of support 


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  1. 1.CEA, DEN, DERSaint-Paul-lez-DuranceFrance
  2. 2.ITK - Predict & DecideClapiersFrance

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