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Islamic League of Cuba

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The Islamic League of Cuba is the organization recognized by the Cuban government that aims to institutionally bring together and lead the Muslims on the island. However, the association faces various disagreements among the Muslims of the island.

The Birth of the Institution

As a consequence of the sociopolitical and economic transformations that took place in Cuba during the 1990s, religiosity takes on a more prominent role in Cuba’s social life. In this context, an Islamic congregation, which has no continuity or connection with the historical expressions of this religion, begins to be structured in the island, but will be the result of a process of conversions of Cubans that are in search of new religious spaces. For example, a small Islamic group began to be structured following the conversion of Pedro Lazo Torres: “I found a Quran, I began to study, and as I was searching for a spiritual space, I came to understand Islam and accept it as revealed faith” (“Me encontré...


Islam Cuba Institutionalization 
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