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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Latin American Solidarity

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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is defined broadly as the political and military encounters between Israel and Palestine over ownership of the land considered sacred to both Israelis and Palestinians. In addition to disputed territories, the racial, religious, and social differences between Israelis and Palestinians have also contributed to the ongoing conflict. After decades of discussions and campaigns to establish a Jewish state in Palestine, the United Nations established the State of Israel in 1947. Since that time, Israel and Palestine have entered into war several times. Over the past century, tens of thousands of people from both Israel and Palestine have died in conflicts between the two nations. The conflict has had repercussions worldwide, particularly for Jewish and Palestinian communities in other countries that align themselves with one side or the other of the conflict. Latin America has a particular relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict due to...


Israel Palestine Jewish diaspora Arab diaspora Jewish-Arab relations Tricontinental Congress Palestinian Liberation Organization Zionism 
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