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Iglesia Cristiana Interdenominacional

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The Iglesia Cristiana Interdenominacional en la República Mexicana, Associación Religiosa (ICIRMAR) – whose full name in English is Interdenominational Christian Church in the Mexican Republic, Religious Association – is one of the largest independent Mexican Pentecostal churches. Unlike many Pentecostal groups in Latin America, it did not begin from a schism or from foreign missionary activities, but the ICIRMAR is the result of a charismatic outpouring among seven families from different Protestant denominations in a small prayer room in the Colonia Portales district of Mexico City in the 1920s. From these modest beginnings, the church grew to become a solid denomination, stressing sanctification and personal Pentecostal experiences. The church has nearly 2,500 congregations in Mexico alone, served by unpaid lay ministers.


The drastic changes that occurred in Mexico after the Mexican Revolution (1910–1920) have affected the country’s social and religious...


Iglesia Cristiana Interdenominacional Mexican Pentecostalism Independent churches 
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