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Igreja Cristã Maranata

  • Leonardo Marcondes Alves
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The Igreja Cristã Maranata – Presbitério Espírito Santense (Maranatha Christian Church – Presbytery of the Holy Spirit, often referred by the initials ICM) is an independent neo-Charismatic church based in Brazil. A discreet movement, it began as a spiritual renewal among Presbyterians in Espírito Santo state (hence the name of the presbytery) in 1968 to become a well-established denomination with about 350 thousand followers in Brazil, according to the 2010 national Census (IBGE 2010). With emphasis on charismatic experiences, intense church life activities, and unpaid lay ministers, the ICM is one the most thriving Brazilian Evangelical movements.


Protestantism in Brazil has assumed a distinctively national character, despite the foreign origins of the many denominational grouping. The ICM is an example of this native form of Christianity, blending Reformed and Pentecostal heritages with uniquely Brazilian worldviews. Led by a strong belief in the guidance of...


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