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Buddhism in Uruguay

  • Apud IsmaelEmail author
  • Mauro Clara
  • Ruiz Paul
  • Valdenegro Alexander
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Buddhism in Uruguay; Theravada Buddhism (Dhamma Culture); Two Tibetan Schools (Diamond Way and Chagdud Gonpa); Two Schools of Zen Buddhism; Nichiren Buddhism (Soka Gakkai and Nichiren Shū); New forms of secular Buddhism (The Juniper Foundation).


Buddhism arrived in Uruguay with the post-dictatorship democratic opening of the 1980s, a period marked by the flexibilization of the modern rationalist-positivist Uruguayan model of state, the country’s progressive globalization, and the emergence of so-called new religious movements. These conditions opened the way for the first schools of Buddhism in Uruguay (with the exception of Soka Gakkai, established here in the 1960s). We will provide a brief overview of the six schools currently found in Uruguay, citing a number of previous studies (Apud and Clara 2005, 2006; Apud et al. 2013, 2015) and including the new groups that have emerged. With the exception of Soka Gakkai, which has more than 2,000 members in the...


Buddhism Uruguay Religion 
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  • Ruiz Paul
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  • Valdenegro Alexander
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