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Genetic Algorithm (GA)-Based NPC Making

  • Umair Azfar KhanAffiliated withSchool of Science & Engineering, Habib University Email author 
  • , Yoshihiro OkadaAffiliated withDepartment of Informatics, ISEE, Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Kyushu University Library, Kyushu UniversityInnovation Center for Educational Resource, Kyushu University


AI artificial intelligence; GA genetic algorithm; NPC non-playable characters; RPG role-playing game.


Using genetic algorithm for creating non-playable characters is the process of creating similar-looking characters from a wide variety of parent characters. After the production of subsequent populations, the characters that exhibit the best traits are chosen as the final selection.


Non-playable characters have always been a special part of video games. Their appearance is more pronounced in role-playing games like the Elder Scrolls® series and the Fallout® series or in the open-world games like the Grand Theft Auto® series or the Assassins Creed® series. The presence of these characters is either to provide the player with objectives to complete or give a sense of a living world with people going on about their business. The variety of these characters is however lacking which takes the player away from the illusion of a believable world. This lack of varie ...

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