Cyber-Democracy and Cyber-Defense

  • Pavol Cabada
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The aim of this analysis is to provide the reader with an insight into the problematic complex of 3D printed weapons and to evaluate the connected challenges for Western and Middle Eastern Cyberdemocracy in terms of security and stability. Furthermore, the analysis provides information about the rapid technical growth of the technology over the past few years and its impact on the individual empowerment, diffusion of power, and the quality of democracy. New security threats, such as assassinations, terrorism, and revolutions carried out with 3D printed weapons, will be examined along with governmental attempts to regulate their detectability. Real cases of reporter’s experiments concerning the possible misuse of 3D printed weapons for assassinations and terrorism purposes will be included in the analysis. The author will take a closer look at the consequences of 3D printed weapons for the stability, security, and democratic quality in the USA and in Tunisia.


3D printed weapons Security disruption Individual empowerment Diffusion of power Cyberdemocracy 


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