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Structured-Light Imaging

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Amplitude component (AC); Digital light projection (DLP); Digital micromirror device (DMD); Direct component (DC); Spatial frequency domain imaging (SFDI); Structured-illumination reflectance imaging (SIRI); Three-dimensional (3-D)


Structured light refers to spatially nonuniform, structured or patterned light, as opposed to uniform or diffuse light that is uniformly or quasi-uniformly distributed in space.

Structured-light imaging refers to a technique that projects light with a known spatial pattern onto a scene and the light intensity would be attenuated by absorption and scattering of objects and the light pattern would be deformed by surface curvature of objects, thereby allowing imaging systems to acquire information on the optical property and surface geometry of these objects.


The use of light for imaging agricultural materials or processes has achieved significant progress over the past four decades. Imaging techniques that rely on the light in...

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