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Discrete Prolate Spheroidal Sequence

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The discrete prolate spheroidal sequences (DPSSs) are maximally concentrated in both the time and frequency domains. This is a crucial property for applications in power spectrum estimation. The DPSSs comprise sets of real-valued orthonormal sequences (discrete functions) with the following properties: (i) They are limited within the spectral band [–W, W], where W > 0. (ii) The total energy of the sequence (i.e., the sum of the squares of the amplitudes) over a finite time interval is maximized. The time-limited DPSSs, also known as the Slepian sequences, are orthonormal sequences with the following properties: (i) They are time-limited within a finite time interval. (ii) They exhibit maximal spectral concentration in the frequency band [–W, W]. The DPSSs are parametrized in terms of the length N of the temporal sequence, the bandwidth W, and the order k = 0, 1, …N – 1 of the Slepian sequence.


In Fourier analysis, it is known that functions cannot be fully localized...

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Discrete Fourier Transform


Discrete Prolate Spheroidal Sequence


Multitaper Method


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