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Web Archives

  • Klaus Berberich
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A software that harvests content from the World Wide Web


Uniform Resource Locator


The resources that a web archive seeks to preserve


A collection of related URLs


Web archives are repositories of web contents collected in the past. They act against the ephemeral nature of the World Wide Web, where new contents are constantly added while others are removed and thus lost forever. Web archives counter this loss by preserving web contents as part of the cultural heritage for future generations. To this end, web archives select resources (e.g., specific websites) worth preserving, repeatedly acquire snapshots of these resources, store them together with metadata (e.g., a time stamp or keywords), and provide access to the archived web contents (e.g., via keyword search). Institutions operating web archives include nonprofit organizations, universities, national libraries, and for-profit companies. Users...

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Recommended Reading

  1. Masanès (2006) remains the key reference on web archives. While web technology has evolved since its publication, the majority of issues discussed therein are still current. More recent accounts on the state of the art in web archiving can be found in Niu (2012b) and Dougherty et al. (2010). Meyer et al. (2011), as a final recommendation, give a glimpse of web archives’ futureGoogle Scholar

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