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2018 Edition
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  • Thomas Gottron
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Resource Description Framework


RDF Schema


Uniform Resource Identifier


The Resource Description Framework (RDF) provides a model for representing data. Its background is set historically in a web environment where it is used for representing information in a device- and platform-independent way. The data model of RDF corresponds to a directed, labelled graph. Technically RDF consists of several W3C recommendations which define its concepts and abstract syntax (Klyne and Carroll). Work on the RDF 1.1 specifications has commenced and reached a draft status at W3C (Cyganiak and Wood).

The core idea of RDF is to represent “things” by URIs. Information is provided by statements about the things and statements are expressed as triples. These triples consist of a subject, a predicate, and an object and express that the subject is in a certain relation (identified by the predicate) with the object. The relations between things can be interpreted and represented...

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