Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining

2018 Edition
| Editors: Reda Alhajj, Jon Rokne

Small Communities in Social Networks

  • Isaac Jones
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A group of nodes in a network that exhibit a shared characteristic or abnormally dense interconnection

Resolution Limit

A mathematical constraint that prevents evaluation techniques from considering communities under a certain size, usually because the combination of two communities is scored higher than the two apart

Small Community

A group of nodes in a network that fits the definition of a community, but has low membership (e.g., 10 nodes in a million-node network)


Small Community Detection is the process of finding small communities in networked data that are often overlooked or aggregated by traditional community detection methods.

Social Networks are platforms, or simply data sets, that consist of connections between individuals.


Modern online social networks are vast and complex with billions of users and even more connections between users. When traditional community detection is...

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