Computing with Solitons

  • Darren RandEmail author
  • Ken Steiglitz
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This term is generally used in more than one way and in different contexts. For the purposes of this article, a partial differential equation or system of partial differential equations is integrable if it can be solved explicitly to yield solitons (qv).

Manakov system

A system of two cubic Schrödinger equations where the self- and cross-phase modulation terms have equal weight.

Nonlinear Schrodinger equation

A partial differential equation that has the same form as the Schrodinger equation of quantum mechanics, with a term nonlinear in the dependent variable, and, for the purposes of this article, is interpreted classically.

Self- and cross-phase modulation

Any terms in a nonlinear Schrödinger equation that involve nonlinear functions of the dependent variable of the equation or nonlinear functions of a dependent variable of another (coupled) equation, respectively.

Solitary wave

A solitary wave is a wave characterized by undistorted propagation. Solitary waves do...


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