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World Markets for Vegetable Oils: Status and Prospects

  • Thomas Mielke
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4939-2493-6_989-1

Definition of the Subject

Vegetable oils are the major feedstock for biodiesel production in calendar year 2015. In that year 8.7 Mill. t of palm oil used thus accounted for 29.2% of all feedstock used for biodiesel production (including HVO). In addition, 7.7 Mill. t of soy oil (28.5%) and 7.0 Mill. t of rapeseed oil (23.6%) was used as a feedstock. Additionally, tallow is an important feedstock for biodiesel production at 2.26 Mill. t in 2015. On top of that, approximately 2.9 Mill. t of used cooking oil was consumed for biodiesel. This entry analyzes the development of world supply and demand of 13 vegetable oils as well as of 4 animal fats. But special focus is given to the four major oils, i.e., palm oil, soy oil, rapeseed oil, and sunflower oil. During the past 20 years, world consumption of 17 oils and fats more than doubled from 92.9 Mill. t in 1995 to 204.3 Mill. t in the year 2015. By far most of the growth in the past 20 years was for edible purposes, primarily in Asia and...

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