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Small Modular Reactors

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A small modular reactor (SMR) is one with electrical output of 300 MWe or less (research reactors are not considered SMR and are not discussed here). The word “modular” refers to the fact that a power plant may have many SMRs on one site, i.e., the power plant may consist of many modules. For example, if one SMR (one module) produces 150 MWe and the plant consists of ten SMRs, the total electric output of that power plant is 1500 MWe.

SMR designs are pursued by many companies in the USA and in other countries. Their advertised advantages are:
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    Because of the small size, the capital cost of a single SMR is much smaller than that of a large reactor with a power output of 1000 MWe or more.

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    The components of an SMR may be manufactured in a factory assembly line; then, they will be transported to the site and be assembled, thus reducing construction time. In some designs, the SMR comes to the site as a complete package ready for operation.

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    Because the power is...


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