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Event Processing Agent

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Event processing component; Event processing mediator


A software module and a node in the event processing network that process events [2].

Key Points

An event processing agent [3] is a node in the event processing network that receives one or more events as input, processes them, and creates one or more events as output. There are various types of event processing agents [4]:

  1. 1.

    Filter agent: receives a single event and decides based on a predicate expression whether to route this event further or not (in this case it is a terminal node for this specific event instance).

  2. 2.

    Validation agent: receives a single event and a predicate expression that serves as an integrity constraint for this event. If the integrity constraint is violated may act as a filter (reject the event), may transform the event, or may orchestrate additional actions in an event sink.

  3. 3.

    Transformation agent: receives a single event and transforms this event to another event format.



  • Single Event
  • Multiple Event
  • Terminal Node
  • Event Processing
  • Integrity Constraint

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