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Data Sketch/Synopsis

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A synopsis of dataset D is an abstract of D. A sketch is also referred to an abstract of dataset D but is usually referred to an abstract in a sampling method.

Key Points

Sketch/synopsis techniques have many applications. They are mainly used for statistics estimation in query processing optimization and for supporting on-line data analysis via approximate query processing. The goal is to develop effective and efficient techniques to build a small space synopsis while achieving high precision. For instance, a key component in query processing optimization is to estimate the result sizes of queries. Many techniques [1,2] have been developed for this purpose, including histograms, wavelets, and join synopses.

In data stream applications, the space requirements of synopses/sketches are critical to keep them in memory for on-line query processing. Streams are usually massive in size and fast at arrival rates; consequently it may be infeasible to keep a whole...

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