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Storage Network Architectures

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Storage Network Architecture is the conceptual structure and logical organization of a network whose main purpose is to transfer data between storage devices and servers and among storage devices. The term Storage Network is identified with such a network, but is sometimes used to refer to a storage system communicating over a network. Related terms such as Storage Area Network and Network Attached Storage are described in separate entries. Note that usages of terms related to storage network architectures may depend on contexts at times.

Historical Background

The first version of SCSI was released in 1986. SCSI then became deployed in many open systems, thus acquiring the position of the standard IO technology. However, after Fibre Channel technology was invented in the late 1990s, Fibre Channel rapidly extended its use in the market. Recent mid-range and high-end storage systems have deployed Fibre Channel as the standard IO technology. Alternative storage network...


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