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A snippet is a chunk of reusable source code. In the context of Web programming, a snippet refers to a chunk of reusable HTML source code, along with all relevant resources such as style sheets and scripts applied within the context of the snippet. In the context of Web information extraction, a snippet is a subset of the available information items that can be extracted from the Web page.

Key Points

The term snippet originates from the domain of text editors, where snippets refer to chunks of source code which can be organized for copy-and-paste usage. Snippet management allows for viewing, editing, sorting, and storing snippets in a repository of reusable source code fragments. The overall goal of snippets is to ease the process of writing code by reducing the manual effort to type in source code and to reuse existing lines of code.

Snippets can be classified according to the complexity of the interaction process:...


Source Code Information Item Network Home Code Fragment Text Editor 
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