Encyclopedia of Machine Learning and Data Mining

2017 Edition
| Editors: Claude Sammut, Geoffrey I. Webb

Linear Discriminant

  • Novi QuadriantoEmail author
  • Wray L. Buntine
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A discriminant is a function that takes an input variable x and outputs a class label y for it. A linear discriminant is a discriminant that uses a linear function of the input variables and more generally a linear function of some vector function of the input variables f(x).

This entry focuses on one such linear discriminant function called Fisher’s linear discriminant. Fisher’s discriminant works by finding a projection of input variables to a lower dimensional space while maintaining a class separability property.

Motivation and Background

The curse of dimensionality ( Curse of Dimensionality) is an ongoing problem in applying statistical techniques to pattern recognition problems. Techniques that are computationally tractable in low-dimensional spaces can become completely impractical in high-dimensional spaces. Consequently, various methods have been proposed to reduce the dimensionality of the input or feature space in the hope of obtaining a more manageable problem....

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